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Summary of Berry Bramlage

Berry Bramlage is part of Berry Global Inc.'s CPI division, along with Berry Ace, Berry Superfos, and Berry BPI. we are an international company with a decentralised organisational structure. This allows us to maintain local presences and close relationships with our customers while taking advantage of our extensive global support network. Every day, we unite our multinational experience with the local roots of our team members. This is the basis for our expertise in all the markets and sectors in which we operate, allowing us to develop high-quality, innovative, and sustainable plastic packaging solutions that fully meet (and often surpass) client requirements.


Our core values are the basis for everything we do, and who we choose to be - as professionals, as community members, and as citizens of the only planet we have. Within specific ethical parameters, our commitment to satisfying customer needs and our vast expertise create value for everyone involved in our projects, including customers, partners, team members, and shareholders. The following goals are always of primary concern to us:

  • To be the undisputed leader in all the markets in which we operate
  • To encourage young talent to join our organisation and grow
  • To add genuine value to the lives of everyone connected to us
  • To create a sustainable pathway throughout the value chain
  • To respect the needs of the environment and our community


Berry Bramlage is dedicated to growth and expansion, but that doesn’t mean we’re willing to progress at any cost. We work within a company-wide ethical framework that allows us to interact with each meaningfully, giving our best not only to the firm but to our community. Our team members are our greatest asset, so we’re careful to be of benefit to the society in which we operate. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives at Bramlage range from supporting our regional handball team to participating in local charity events.



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At Berry Bramlage, we are always on the lookout for future leaders and innovators. Our selection process ensures we fit excellent candidates with their ideal positions. As part of Berry Global Inc., a Fortune 500 company, we are a leading plastic product design and engineering company.



  1. 1845

    Bramlage Lohne is founded (joins RPC in 1999)

  2. 1851

    Bender is founded as a trade agency (joins RPC as part of GCS in 2016).

  3. 1884

    Bender begins manufacturing cork stoppers in Frankenthal, Germany.

  4. 1906

    Bender begins to manufacture metal crowns on the same site on which it operates today.

  5. 1925

    UCP is formed as Kork-n-Seal making Lever caps and lead capsules in London, UK (joins as part of GCS RPC in 2016).

  6. 1937

    Astra is founded in Lyon, France, and starts to produce aluminium closing devices (joins as part of GCS RPC in 2016).

  7. 1948

    Bramlage begins to manufacture from Cork and plastic in Lohne, Germany.

    Manufacturing of vehicle parts begins at Multiplastic in Zevenaar (joins RPC as part of Promens in 2015).

  8. 1949

    Zeller Plastik is founded there, in Zell, Mosel, Germany (joins RPC as part of GCS in 2016).

  9. 1961

    Obrist enters the closure market producing metal crown corks in Voghera, Italy (joins RPC as part of GCS in 2016).

  10. 1963

    UCP's present site at Norwich opens under the name of UG Key Plastics (joins RPC as part of GCS in 2016).

  11. 1964

    Obrist sets up production of injection moulded plastic closures in Rheinach, Switzerland (joins RPC as part of GCS in 2016).

  12. 1969

    Plastiape is founded in Osnago Italy (joins RPC 2017).

  13. 1970

    UCP Norwich develops child resistant closures Clic-Loc, Angle Neck Bleach, Simploc and Niploc.

  14. 1971

    Fomatec begins manufacturing medical devices (joins RPC 2000).

  15. 1972

    Massmould is founded in London, UK (joins RPC as part of GCS in 2016).

  16. 1980

    Plastiape begins to manufacture medical devices.

  17. 1982

    Zeller Plastik begins manufacturing in Libertyville USA (joins RPC as part of GCS in 2016).

  18. 1985

    Carnaud Metalbox (CMB) begins aquiring plastics companies (that will all join RPC in 2016).

  19. 1990

    Zeller Plastik begins manufacturing in the Philippines (joins RPC as part of GCS in 2016).

  20. 1992

    Zeller Plastik begins manufacturing in Mexico (joins RPC as part of GCS in 2016).

  21. 1996

    Crown Packaging aquire CMB.

    Manufacturing in Africa begins in Monastir (joins RPC as part of Promens in 2015).

  22. 1999

    RPC acquires Schmalbach-Lubeca's plasitcs division which contains Bramlage Lohne.

  23. 2000

    RPC purchases Formatec.

  24. 2001

    Zeller Plastik begins manufacturing in China (joins RPC as part of GCS in 2016).

  25. 2002

    Production begins at Yekaterinburg in Russia (joins RPC as part of Promens in 2015).

  26. 2003

    RPC acquire Wiko and the Bramlage Wiko company is formed.

  27. 2005

    Crowns sells its remaining plastics companies to PAI and Global Closure Systems (GCS) is formed (joins RPC 2016).

  28. 2006

    Polimoon purchases Plastohm (joins RPC as part of Promens in 2015).

    RPC purchases plant in Marolles France and form RPC beauté.

  29. 2007

    Polimoon becomes Promens (joins RPC as part of Promens in 2015).

  30. 2015

    RPC acquires Promens and the consumer products enter the Bramalge Division.

  31. 2016

    RPC acquires Global Closure Systems, bringing in brands like Astra Plastique, Bender, Massmould, Obrist, UCP and Zeller Plastik.

  32. 2017

    RPC acquire Plastiape and integrate the 3 sites into the Bramlage Division.

  33. 2018

    Bramlage Division is rebranded to reflect its new identity and "Your expert in Diverse packaging" slogan is created.

  34. 2019

    RPC Group is acquired by Berry Global Inc. in July 2019.