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  • RPC Formatec, part of the RPC Bramlage Division, has launched a new inhaler that delivers enhanced levels of patient convenience, comfort and safety.

  • Probiotic specialist Yun Probiotherapy is using the Magic Star airless dispenser and Vario overcap from RPC Bramlage for its revolutionary range of unique treatments for personal care and common to more severe skin concerns.

  • A new 19mm tube closure from RPC Zeller Plastik Zell is the first standard push-on flip-top hinge tube closure (HTC) of such a small size. Aimed at cosmetic and pharmaceutical products, the new-size polypropylene closure extends RPC Zeller’s existing Supersoft range with a solution that offers both aesthetic and consumer-convenience benefits.

  • RPC Zeller Plastik Zell has extended its screw-on Classic range of polypropylene hinge tube closures (HTC) with the addition of a 25mm size, available with a matt finish. The new closure joins existing 50mm, 40mm, 35mm and 30mm sizes enabling brand manufacturers to create family ranges using a single closure design. Its contemporary look meets current market trends for a more modern and edgy appearance on-shelf.

  • A new airless pump from RPC Bramlage is offering numerous benefits including a large dose and ease of use. The XL5 has been designed for a variety of professional applications such as spa and hair care, but is equally suitable for larger family size or promotional packs for body care and other personal care products.

  • RPC Bramlage-Wiko has launched a new inhaler to meet the growing demand for capsule-based systems. The new Capsuhale is a novel capsule-based dry powder inhaler with passive dispersion, and features a flow rate that is adjustable to suit the needs of different drug types.