Material Science

Understanding and expanding the boundaries of plastic

It all starts with knowledge

“Material Science: the basics to transform every considered problem into a challenge.” Material Science is the term given to knowledge of the fundamental properties, processing behavior, and characteristics of plastics and their composites. At Berry Bramlage, our key company aim is to foster an inquisitive business environment in which all employees boast a sound understanding of the basic principles of Material Science. We strive to achieve this without the unnecessary introduction of unduly complex mathematical or chemical concepts, and we thereby set plastics in their proper context as engineering materials.

Be more creative to attract the market with ideation

Material Science encompasses the creative approach to thinking which helps Bramlage employees to arrive at innovative solutions to challenges. We are constantly on the look-out for exciting new ideas which can drive the innovation for which our company has built its reputation. A creative team mindset is crucial to such growth, and we place emphasis upon the importance of thinking outside the box in order to generate brand-new ideas not considered before. Our goal is to cultivate and bolster the development of this skill within each of our teams.

Innovation is key

Our company focus upon Material Science also translates into our efforts to consistently implement solutions for clients which both meet and transcend business requirements. Employees at Berry Bramlage take pride in delivering solutions boasting a superior performance to those of competitor packaging manufacturers. The development of ideas thrives in our dynamic business environment, and we are firm believers in the worth of contribution and involvement of each and every company member. Berry Bramlage steadily breaks new ground with avant-garde product offerings. We endeavor to fuel this innovative spirit by launching services boasting a value higher than ever before, in turn reinforcing our position as dominators of the market.

Striving for sustainability

Our grounding in Material Science fortifies our certainty that Berry Bramlage can become part of a global environmental solution. Modern-day media damnation has resulted in the tainted portrayal of plastics as the cause of environmental degradation. Every figure within the plastics industry knows, however, that concentration on sustainability can alter this entirely, and Berry Bramlage is thus determined to play a part in this solution. In order to be effective, we cannot afford to sacrifice the quality or performance of materials used. Not only is Berry Bramlage committed to being the best it can be in the world of Material Science, but employees also seek to adopt a smarter approach to the sourcing of sustainable materials. The search for alternatives to petroleum-based plastics has its grounding in the concept that reducing environmental impact does not have to translate to a drop in performance. Our product developers are dedicated to formulating sustainable materials complete with the characteristics valued so highly by customers.

Material business improvement

Color changes taking too long?


At Berry Bramlage, we solved this challenge thanks to the development of an innovative material called PPurge. Interested in learning more? Please contact us!

Do you want to reduce the weight of your product?

Lightweight Project

At Berry Bramlage we introduce foaming in a controlled manner with uniform cell structures. Contact us for more information.