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Perfect packaging proves the best recipe for success

Due to active and often hectic lifestyles, consumers increasingly look for foods that are easy to prepare or even ready to eat. Our technical experts adapt to changing trends by driving the evolution of convenient, useful food packaging. Our unparalleled expertise in custom moulding and standards makes us the perfect partner for even the most demanding brands, providing solutions for dairy products, spreads, sauces and dressing, ready meals, and all sorts of fresh foods.

Part of our mission with regard to the food market is to offer solutions that drastically cut down on food waste, providing packaging that protects foodstuffs longer and keeps them fresher on the shelf. Our knowledge and ability to find the correct barriers for each packaging project are unparalleled.

Key Strengths:

  • Experts in thin-walled, IML containers
  • Ability to create custom moulds for all sorts of food products
  • Expertise in dispensing closures with and without valve
  • Leading position in single serve capsules


Client: FINUU

Product: Finnish Butter

Techniques: In Mould Labelling


Bramlage pack for Kerrygold butter (360 photo)


This 360 photo clearly showcases the innovative concept developed by RPC Bramlage Division for Kerrygold, one of Europe's best-loved brands of butter. The pack emulates a traditional glass or china butter dish, ready to be set down on a kitchen counter and used by the whole family as a spread or for cooking.