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Our packaging brings convenience and safety to the customer

Complicated cleaning routines are being replaced with quick and efficient ones, as homecare products are constantly seen to be improving. Our packaging for the sector has kept pace with a wide array of products that offer numerous configurations, sturdy construction, and specialised features. In the homecare market we are global experts in child-resistant packaging, offering an expansive range of high-quality single and two-piece closures. We produce solutions for all sorts of homecare products, including detergents, air fresheners, cleaning products, dishwashing liquids, DIY supplies, and garden care items.

Key Strengths:

  • Packaging designed to be resilient, sturdy, and suitable for repeated use
  • Expertise in full product compatibility, even with challenging formulations
  • Expansive range of dispensing options, including triggers, sprays, and spouts
  • Standard items can be rendered unique through decoration processes


The trigger sprayer is one of the world's most common and often-used dispensers. We have several models available, and each is guaranteed to function fluidly and dispense perfectly, all throughout its life. Configure your own version in our online 3D visualizer: select the best components for your needs, including the collar, the trigger style, the nozzle type, and what colours they should all be! 

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