Personal Care

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Our packaging ensures a rewarding consumer experience

Consumers constantly seek products which are convenient and easy to use. Contemporary packaging needs to function invisibly, providing no barriers to repurchase, as a poor packaging experience can result in lost business. We provide solutions that are in line with current trends and consumer preferences, ensuring that personal care rituals are always pleasurable and that consumers feel comfortable in repeatedly returning to your brand.

We use the latest technologies for manufacturing tools, producing moulds, decorating, and assembling components. Hence, we have the ability to produce standard items quickly and efficiently as well as the ability to generate bespoke, high-quality packaging in line with customer needs. As part of the international RPC Group, we have the reach, experience, and worldwide resources to be able to drive successful personal care packaging projects.

Key Strengths:

  • Personal care market expertise with a vast selection of standard items
  • Experts in formulation protection and compatibility
  • Airless packaging expertise (both piston-based and bag-in-bottle)
  • Ready-to-offer sustainable solutions (to name a few: light weight, PCR inclusion, recyclability)


Decorate packaging with foiled text or designs printed straight onto the surface at a high temperature to achieve a sleek and sophisticated look. 

Client: Biomaris

Product: Rich Cleansing Cream

Techniques: Hot-stamping, printing

Add a touch of luxury by metallising plastic packaging, giving the illusion of solid metal without the added weight. Then finish off with a silk screen printed design, inked directly onto the packaging surface using a mesh stencil. 

Client: OLAY

Product: Regenerist

Techniques: Metallising on Lid and Screen Printing on bottle

RPC Bramlage's expert frosting and lacquering services allow you to alter the look and texture of your packaging products. From transparent to translucent, matte to glossy - whatever your desired finish is, we can help you achieve it.

Client: OLAY

Product: Regenerist

Techniques: Metallising on Lid and Screen Printing on bottle

Combine hot-stamping and metallisation for an elegant look: metallisation perfectly complements the foil-effect of hot-stamping for an eye-catching ensemble.

Similar to embossing, our cutting-edge surface structuring technology allows us to not only reproduce the look of different structures on a container or lid, but can also replicate their touch and feel. 


New standard e-commerce range


Bramlage, a Berry Global company, has launched a portfolio of ‘e-commerce ready’ personal care standard packs to enable customers to benefit from speed-to-market for new product launches. The packs – from the Company’s top-selling Magic Star, Magic SL Twist-Up, Empress, and Empress Light – have all been independently certified by a third-party laboratory.


Make your standard product totally unique, like this 24H Hydro Face Cream by Douglas. The airless container is fully metallised in-house and then silk-screened and lacquered for a flawless finish. The translucent overcap provides a glimpse of the matching coloured orifice mount, adding a dash of style to the overall look!

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