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Glamour & high end finishing

There are so many creative ways to decorate and use color within a cosmetic packaging with new looks, and design techniques that are always evolving. To inspire and keep up-to-date its customers RPC Bramlage has built a strong know-how in decoration technics.

RPC Bramlage offers complete in-house decorating facilities including all the decoration techniques of highest quality: silk-screen, pad printing, hot stamping, embossed effect, in mold labeling, shrink sleeving but also surface finishes like varnish, lacquering, metallization or electroplating process.

Highly effective packaging has the capacity to build brand equity and to convey the story telling.

In a competitive market it is a priority to make the product attractive on the shelf

RPC Bramlage emphases emotions conveyed through a packaging by using the state of the art for decoration technologies.

We never lack creativity and expertise to transpose your vision of a glamour design into your packaging. We use the latest deposit technics to add the most beautiful finishing and reach exactly the sensual beauty you aspire for your product.

The results are simply amazing: our metal coating gives luxurious and refined effects thanks to an unprecedented colorfull palette: Pink gold metalized, blue silver and brown or purple varnishing etc… Possibilities are numerous. Your imagination can now become a reality.

We are expert of various process which allow amazing result on your prestige packaging :


  • We benefit of in house process of electroplating to give the highest touch feeling and a noble appearance to your packaging. Indeed, the galvanization offers a prestigious coating with a lot of possibilities of colors and metallized effects. RPC Bramlage electroplating is organized in automated line including automated loading and unloading, with a large range of standard colors. RPC Bramlage developed a specific know how to provide double electroplating and Light gold to deliver hypnotic effects through the packaging.


  • We have in house pad printing for complex shape objects. This technology is ink transfer from a pattern plate component (or printing plate) to the object with a silicone pad. It is perfect for distorted objects and offer a high precision decoration finishing : with a large palette of standard colors, from metallic effect to iridescent, as well as holograms.
  • We offer silkscreen printing, in order to fit high level decoration requests. Silkscreen printing is a stencil process on which an image or design is created on a very fine screen, then the ink is pressed by a coating knife on the printing surface through the area of the screen that is not covered by the stencil. RPC Bramlage is able to decorate until 6 colors in one step only , as well as the automated printing on complex shape

Silkscreen printing on hot stamping: Challenging to obtain a good resistance, a technology mastered by RPC Bramlage. RPC Bramlage developed its expertise on this technology and is able to adapt it for good compatibility.


  • We use hot stamping to transfer of a metallized or pigmented foil on a plastic object under the action of heat and pressure. The metal or rubber silicone punch creates the desired graphic. At the end of the process, it enables us to have special esthetic effects like hologram as metallic shade and others.
  • Lacquering: Before and/or after silkscreen, as well as hot stamping RPC bramlage offer a large palette of subtle effect such as frosted, drop effect, transparent colors and degrade.

Our know how on high decoration level is built on our years of experience, dedicated to the satisfaction of our customers.

For more informations, do not hesitate to contact our teams :                     +334 74 81 74 81                               Info@rpc-bramlage.com