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Jumbo Twist 100% Made In France.


Discover the new Jumbo Twist that puts the spotlight on French quality !

Made in RPC Beauté Marolles, in the beautiful region of Pays de La Loire, Jumbo Twist puts the spotlight on French quality.

Specially developed with Alkos group, our new Jumbo Twist lipstick allows a true and unique comfort for customers thanks to a high quality mechanism. It is equipped also of an airtight closure to assure a perfect cleanliness, hygiene and conservation of the product effect.

More than that, our greatest advance is in the optimization of our supply chain, where we were able to greatly reduce the carbon footprint associated with production and transport. We also attained remarkably time-saving to market, which is now less than 8 weeks.

In partnership with Alkos group, find the ideal formula dedicated to your needs : lips makeup, eyes makeup but also lips balms or concealer and corrective make up.

An exclusive offer 100% made in France for best services


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