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Raw Material

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Eurotub and lid 1000g D190
Eurotub and lid 500g D153
Eurotub and lid 400g D153
Eurotub and lid 400g D133
Eurotub and lid 250g D153
Eurotub and lid 250g D133
Nova 1200 sweetener dispenser
Nova 650 sweetener dispenser
Nova 350 sweetener dispenser
uplock-d55 Ø55 uplock cap tamper evident
uplock-d45 Ø45 uplock cap tamper evident
uplock-d35 Ø35 uplock cap tamper evident
meli-flip-top-cap-33400 33/400 meli flip top cap
clip-plastic-jar Clip 50ml Single wall jar
easylock-30-ml Easylock 30 ml PP
snaplock-20-ml-25x50 Snaplock 20 ml Snap-on PP
screwlock-25-ml-25x50 Screwlock 25 ml Screw-on PP
ultra-130-ml-55x65 Ultra 130ml Screw-on jar PP
optima-15-ml-20x45 Optima 15 ml Screw-on PP
ClickPack-15ml-tablet-dispenser-plastic-pill-jar Clickpak 15 ml
One by one 15 ml
TonicPot-30ml-plastic-pill-jar Tonicpot 30 ml Screw-on PETG
SnapTabletPot-30ml-pill-plastic-jar Snap tablet pot 30 ml Snap-on PE
VitaPot-30ml-plastic-pill-jar Vitapot 30 ml Snap-on PE
clip-plastic-jar Clip 125ml PET/TPE/METAL
easylock-50-ml Easylock 50 ml PP
snaplock-35-ml-35x50 Snaplock 35ml Snap-on jar PP
screwlock-45-ml-35x50 Screwlock 45 ml Screw-on PP
ultra-150-ml-65x60 Ultra 150 ml Screw-on jar PP
optima-20-ml-35x50 Optima 20 ml Screw-on PP
ClickPack-20ml-tablet-dispenser-plastic-pill-jar Clickpak 20 ml
OneByOne-50ml-tablet-dispenser-plastic-pill-pot One by one 50 ml
TonicPot-40ml-plastic-pill-jar Tonicpot 40 ml Screw-on PETG
SnapTabletPot-40ml-pill-plastic-jar Snap tablet pot 40 ml Snap-on PE
Vitapot 50 ml Snap-on PS/PE
clip-plastic-jar Clip 200ml
easylock-100-ml Easylock 100 ml
snaplock-40-ml-45x35 Snaplock 40 ml Snap-on PE
screwlock-100-ml-50x60 Screwlock 100 ml Screw-on PP
optima-20-ml-25x50 Optima 20 ml Screw-on PP jar
ClickPack-35ml-tablet-dispenser-plastic-pill-jar Clickpak 35ml Tablet dispenser
TonicPot-50ml-plastic-pill-jar Tonicpot 50 ml Screw-on PETG
SnapTabletPot-50ml-pill-plastic-jar Snap tablet pot 50 ml Snap-on PE
VitaPot-75ml-plastic-pill-jar Vitapot 75 ml Snap-on pill jar PE
clip-plastic-jar Clip 350ml Single wall jar PET/TPE
easylock-150-ml Easylock 150 ml Screw-on PP
snaplock-50-ml-35x70 Snaplock 50 ml Snap-on PE
screwlock-130-ml-55x65 Screwlock 130ml Screw-on PP
ultra-250-ml-65x85 Ultra 250 ml Screw-on neck PP
ultra-200-ml-65x70 Ultra 200 ml Screw-on neck PP
ClickPack-50ml-tablet-dispenser-plastic-pill-jar Clickpak 50 ml PS tablet dispenser
TonicPot-60ml-plastic-pill-jar Tonicpot 60 ml Screw-on PETG
SnapTabletPot-100ml-pill-plastic-jar Snap Tablet Pot 100 ml PE
VitaPot-85ml-plastic-pill-jar Vitapot 85 ml Snap-on Tamper evident
optima-35-ml-35x50 Optima 35ml Screw-on neck PP
easylock-200-ml Easylock 200 ml Screw-on PP
snaplock-65-ml-45x50 Snaplock 65 ml Snap-on PP
screwlock-150-ml-55x70 Screwlock 150 ml Screw-on
ultra-250-ml-75x80 Ultra 250 ml Screw-on PP
optima-40-ml-45x35 Optima 40 ml Screw-on PP jar
TonicPot-75ml-plastic-pill-jar Tonicpot 75 ml Screw-on PETG
SnapTabletPot-200ml-pill-plastic-jar Snap tablet pot 200 ml Snap-on PE
VitaPot-100ml-plastic-pill-jar Vitapot 100 ml Snap-on PE
easylock-250-ml Easylock 250 ml Screw-on PP
snaplock-100-ml-55x45 Snaplock 100 ml Snap-on PP
screwlock-150-ml-65x60 Screwlock 150 ml Screw-on PP
ultra-350-ml-90x70 Ultra 350 ml Screw-on jar PP
optima-50-ml-35x70 Optima 50 ml Screw-on jar PP
TonicPot-100ml-plastic-pill-jar Tonicpot 100 ml Screw-on PE
VitaPot-125ml-plastic-pill-jar Vitapot 125 ml Snap-on PE
easylock-500-ml Easylock 500 ml Screw-on PP
screwlock-200-ml-65x70 Screwlock 200 ml Screw-on PP
ultra-450-ml-90x100 Ultra 450 ml Screw-on jar PP
optima-65-ml-45x50 Optima 65 ml Screw-on PP jar
TonicPot-100ml-plastic-pill-jar Tonicpot 100 ml Screw-on PETG
Vitapot 150 ml Snap-on 150ml PE
easylock-650-ml Easylock 650 ml Screw-on jar PP
snaplock-125-ml-55x60 Snaplock 125 ml Snap-on PP
screwlock-250-ml-75x80 Screwlock 250 ml Screw-on PP
ultra-500-ml-90x110 Ultra 500 ml Screw-on jar PP
optima-100-ml-55x45 Optima 100 ml Screw-on PP
TonicPot-125ml-plastic-pill-jar Tonicpot 125 ml Screw-on PETG
VitaPot-150ml-plastic-pill-jar Vitapot 150 ml Snap-on PE
easylock-1000-ml Easylock 1000 ml Screw-on PP
snaplock-140-ml-65x50 Snaplock 140 ml Snap-on PP
ultra-700ml-90x135 Ultra 700 ml Screw-on jar PP
TonicPot-150ml-plastic-pill-jar Tonicpot 150 ml Screw-on PETG
VitaPot-200ml-Upmock-plastic-pill-jar Vitapot 200 ml Snap-on PE
easylock-1250-ml Easylock 1250 ml Screw-on PP
snaplock-150-ml-55x70 Snaplock 150 ml Snap-on PE
screwlock-350-ml-90x70 Screwlock 350 ml Screw-on PP
ultra-1000-ml-110x120 Ultra 1000 ml Screw-on PP
optima-125-ml-55x60 Optima 125 ml Screw-on PP
TonicPot-200ml-plastic-pill-jar Tonicpot 200 ml Screw-on PETG
snaplock-200-ml-65x65 Snaplock 200 ml Snap-on PP
screwlock-450-ml-90x100 Screwlock 450 ml Screw-on PP
ultra-1250-ml-110x150 Ultra 1250 ml Screw-on PP
optima-150-ml-65x50 Optima 150 ml Screw-on PP
Tonicpot 250 ml Screw-on Pill jar PETG
snaplock-225-ml-65x80 Snaplock 225 ml Snap-on PP
screwlock-500-ml-90x110 Screwlock 500 ml Screw-on jar PP
optima-155-ml-55x70 Optima 155 ml Screw-on jar PP
snaplock-280-ml-65x100 Snaplock 280 ml Snap-on PE
screwlock-700-ml-90x135 Screwlock 700 ml Screw-on PP
optima-185-ml-90x37 Optima 185ml Screw-on jar PP
TonicPot-300ml-plastic-pill-jar Tonicpot 300 ml Screw-on pill jar PE
snaplock-325-ml-65x115 Snaplock 325 ml Snap-on jar PP
screwlock-1000-ml-110x120 Screwlock 1000 ml Screw-on PP
optima-190-ml-65x65 Optima 190ml Screw-on jar PP
TonicPot-300ml-plastic-pill-jar Tonicpot 300 ml Screw-on PETG
snaplock-350-ml-90x60 Snaplock 350 ml Snap-on PP
screwlock-1250-ml-110x150 Screwlock 1250 ml Screw-on PP
optima-225-ml-65x80 Optima 225 ml Screw-on PP
TonicPot-500ml-plastic-pill-jar Tonicpot 500 ml Screw-on PETG
snaplock-500-ml-90x85 Snaplock 500 ml Snap-on PP
optima-250-ml-65x90 Optima 250 ml Screw-on PP
TonicPot-750ml-plastic-pill-jar Tonicpot 750 ml Screw-on PETG
snaplock-650-ml-90x110 Snaplock 650 ml Snap-on PP
optima-280-ml-90x55 Optima 280ml Screw-on neck PP
TonicPot-1000ml-plastic-pill-jar Tonicpot 1000 ml Screw-on PE
snaplock-750-ml-110x90 Snaplock 750 ml Snap-on PP
optima-325-ml-65x115 Optima 325 ml Screw-on neck PP
TonicPot-1000ml-plastic-pill-jar Tonicpot 1000 ml Screw-on
snaplock-1000-ml-110x115 Snaplock 1000 ml Snap-on neck PP
optima-350-ml-90x60 Optima 350 ml Screw-on neck PP
snaplock-1100-ml-110x130 Snaplock 1100 ml Snap-on neck PP
optima-500-ml-70x145 Optima 500 ml Screw-on neck PP
snaplock-1250-ml-110x150 Snaplock 1250 ml Snap-on neck PP
optima-650-ml-90x110 Optima 650 ml Screw-on neck PP
snaplock-1500-ml-110x185 Snaplock 1500 ml Snap-on neck PP
optima-750-ml-110x90 Optima 750 ml Screw-on neck PP
optima-1000-ml-110x120 Optima 1000 ml Screw-on neck PP
optima-1250-ml-110x150 Optima 1250 ml Screw-on neck PP
optima-1500-ml-130x125 Optima 1500 ml Screw-on neck PP
optima-2000-ml-130x165 Optima 2000ml Screw-on neck PP
ultra-150-ml-55x70 Ultra 150 ml Screw-on jar PP
snaplock-100-ml-45x80 Snaplock 100 ml Snap-on PP
screwlock-250-ml-65x85 Screwlock 250 ml Screw-on PP
optima-100-ml-45x80 Optima 100 ml Screw-on PP
optima-500-ml-90x85 Optima 500 ml Screw-on neck PP
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