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SLIDISSIME® Get the “Waouh effect”

Looking for delivering a new customer experience and Waouh effect ?
Discover Slidissime®, the new gesture of the beauty routine.


Just slide on the tactile pump, and get the perfect dosage expected. Innovative, hygienic, and premium look this is the promise of our patented airless jar combining protection and sensuality.

Slidissime® is the perfect packaging which mix elegance, comfort and protection of the formula. Indeed, Slidissime® is equipped by our latest technology closure Touch & Slide, a tactil pump, which bring to users the perfect measure of cream and the best condition of product preservation.

Current trends are pushing brands to the limit to eliminate preservatives making formulas more and more fragile. RPC Bramlage has been monitoring this trend and made airless one of its strengths.

A sensual revolution in Airless technology

Specialist of the airless pouch system, RPC Bramlage brings a new revolution in airless jar with a new gesture: The Slide.

In a world where touchscreen technology is everywhere, RPC Bramlage has gone beyond the traditional airless technology and invented a tactile “touch & slide” pump which combines modernity, ergonomics and sensuality in one jar.

Slidissime® is equipped with a refined “touch & slide” pump ; it allows fully protected cosmetic creams to be released by a simple slide. With Slidissime® the consumer experiences a new touch sensation.

The slide of the finger on Slidissime® is similar to the natural gesture of a caress. Slidissime® combines pleasurable beauty rituals with airless protection.

The cream dose is obtained by a touch and slide movement. By a simple slide on the membrane, a dose is delivered by the system through its thin hole. Located at the extremity of the touch & slide pump, this hole closes after each dosage, avoiding any air-intake and drying of the formula. The formulation has contact neither with air nor with fingers. Slidissime® guarantees protection from oxidation, UV rays and other external contamination during its entire usage.

A patented innovation: protected by two international patents & conceived with materials compliant with Food Contact EC directive, Slidissime® perfectly answers the needs of the cosmetic market and is compatible with most of the formula.

Slidissime® is adapted to existing filling lines.

The standard shape of the jar and the atmospheric top filling method enables an easy filling. The snapping of the flexible touch & slide pump followed by the screwing of the cap avoids laying the seal on the jar.

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